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The evolution of technology, user sophistication and multiple communication channels makes it imperative that enterprises stay at the forefront of developments in communications. However, in the process, as their telecommunications services evolve to meet growing demands, cost and usage is spiralling from difficult to control to out of control.
Convergis is a sophisticated telecommunications management solution capable of accepting data from any network carrier, service provider and/or device which generates a CDR (call detail record) or EDR (event data record). Convergis gives companies reports across all communications media and devices, empowering them with the in-depth information required to efficiently manage their communications expenditure and make informed business decisions.
Using Convergis, companies are able to view their communications expenditure in a way they never believed possible.
Convergis is able to give companies a view across:

  • Their entire workforce
  • All offices, regions and cost centres
  • All telecommunications network carriers and service providers
  • All communications devices
    • Telco lines
    • LCR / VoIP lines
    • Fax
    • Internet (via proxy servers)
    • 3G cards
    • Cellphones
    • Extensions (desk phones)
    • RAS (Remote Access Service)
    • Modems

Business Benefits

  • Cost reductions through intelligent telecommunications management
  • Cost reductions through the optimisation of existing carrier services
  • Properly manage mobile workers’ call costs
  • Automated allocation of all communications costs to their relevant cost centres
  • No CAPEX required ensuring instant and ongoing ROI
  • Increased managerial effectiveness due to enhanced reporting capabilities


  • Total visibility of all communications expenditure
  • Itemised billing for fixed lines and cellphones
  • Reporting on organisational and individual communications utilisation
  • Asset management per user
  • Scheduled Reports - users receive useful reporting at relevant intervals
  • Back-office interface - enabling Convergis to link into existing company applications and streamline the IMACD process (Installations, Moves, Additions, Changes, Deletions)
  • Real time - generally calls made on the system or via other devices will be available online within 10 minutes
  • Customised tariff set-up - allowing for the accurate costing of calls (including any discounts or special tariff plans offered by your voice provider)
  • Tiered access levels
    • All users have access to the system according to their permissions
    • Views of the system are customisable per user
    • Up-to-date costing tables across all providers
    • Monthly budget allocations
    • Automated budget reports
    • Regular system and software updates
    • Daily monitoring of the system and regular ‘health checks’
    • Bi-weekly backups of customer data
  • Included at no additional cost as part of the solution:
    • Rental, warranty and insurance of on-site equipment
    • Data (if GSM buffers are used)
    • Maintenance
    • Set up and configuration of:
      • Company tree and reporting structure
      • Company budgets
      • Scheduled reports
      • Exception reports

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