Corporate Voice Telecommunications Service

Services Involved: 

Corporate Voice places all your call traffic directly onto South Africa's fastest and furthest reaching cellular networks, providing you with excellent call quality, reliability and availability.


We provides clients with a corporate telecommunications service that offers quality, flexibility, coverage and value. Huge Voice provides seamless high-quality calls by making use of ICASA licensed tier-one cellular networks, allowing you to make all your calls directly, without having to use incumbent fixed-line operators or sub-optimal second and third tier Voice over Internet Protocol providers.

The Corporate Voice Offering

  • Makes use of proven GSM* technologies
  • Same day installation
  • Per second or per minute options to suit your call traffic profile
  • Calls to, and from, all networks
  • Leading tier-one network infrastructure
  • Guaranteed call quality
  • Routing infrastructure quickly and easily transferred between premises
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Proactive call monitoring
  • Excellent mean time between failures and rapid mean time to repair (when necessary)
  • Proven carrier grade itemised billing and invoicing
  • Intimate knowledge of network, provisioning and support – 17 years experience
  • ICASA licensed equipment

SA Voice Product Comparison

Network tier 1st 1st 2nd or 3rd
Grade of service Excellent Excellent Good
Security High Medium Low
Quality of service Consistent Consistent Variable
Carrier grade billing Yes Yes Maybe
Ability to scale infrastructure High Medium Medium
Vulnerable to cable theft No Yes Yes
Implementation times Hours Days Weeks
Network Management High High Medium - Low
Network Availability High High Medium
Points of presence Many Many Few
Service level agreements Yes Maybe Yes
Technology GSM Circuit Switched Packet switched
Complexity Low Medium High
Mobility High Low Low

*GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications
**PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Networks
***VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol

Service Excellence

  • Dedicated Account Managers provide a single point of contact
  • Operational personnel provide proactive, fast and effective resolution of any identified irregularities
  • Daily solution monitoring
  • Ongoing solution optimisation
  • Tailored service level agreements guarantee quality and service delivery

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