Psitek Fusion 100 Premicell

Services Involved: 

Today’s communications landscape is undoubtedly dominated by mobile technology using the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) standard. Cellular phones have captured the consumer market across the world, bringing convenience and flexibility into the hands of the public.
Over 60% of telephone calls globally are made to cellular phones, necessitating that telephone traffic is routed between different networks depending on where the call is originated. This often results in added costs to telephone users, which escalate whenever traffic is routed from one network to another.
Telephone networks call the traffic between themselves interconnect traffic and regularly bill each other for the interconnect traffic that they take over from the other network.
The Psitek Fusion range has been developed to combat escalating costs associated with ‘interconnect traffic’.

Why use a Psitek Fusion 100 Router?

  1. Telephone access (voice or internet) in disaster areas, where wire-network infrastructure is damaged
  2. Telephone access (voice or internet) in areas that are under-serviced by land line networks, but fall within mobile network coverage
  3. Cost-saving wireless routing in all countries with GSM 900/1800 mobile network coverage (depending on regulatory restrictions in country of use)
  4. Compatibility with all major PBX brands
  5. 100-number call-back list, allowing a company to pick up the bill on calls made from up to 100 predetermined numbers, e.g. sales staff or valued clients
  6. Standard GSM facilities, e.g. number barring or call forwarding
  7. Instant call connection after a predefined number of digits has been dialled

Power Specifications

  • DC input voltage range: 5.5V to 15V DC
  • DC input termination: 2.1mm barrel DC jack
  • DC input protection: Reverse polarity, over-voltage and over-current protection to 60V DC
  • DC current, on-hook mode: 100mA (12V DC)
  • DC current, call mode: 300mA at 2W transmission power (12V DC)
  • DC current, burst: 600mA at 2W transmission power (12V DC)

Mechnical Specifications

  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 116mm x 79mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Aluminium extrusion LED indicators: Power, network signal
  • Strength, SIM status and phone in use

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