Standby Telecomunications

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Our Standby Telecommunication Service offers South African businesses a failsafe on their traditional fixed-line telephony solutions. Never let copper cable theft, internal network failures or other line disruptions affect your business operations again. Outgoing communications remain unaffected and STS ensures your business continues to do business.

STS is a standby telecommunications service which ensures your operations are unaffected by copper cable theft, internal network failures and other line disruptions prevalent with South African telecoms. Using a unique wireless telephony model, we ensure that your business is able to communicate with your customers at all times and that you don't lose precious man-hours and productivity due to lost communications.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure your business is always able to communicate
  • Save on lost productivity and man-hours
  • Ensure you can reach your customers at all times
  • Keep your business up and running when others are not


  • Service always in standby mode, ready to be activated within minutes
  • Daily monitoring and live monthly testing of solution
  • Minimal interruption during cut over
  • Service can be installed on spare PBX ports, or cut over when required
  • A single device solution also available
  • Save thousands by making sure your staff can still do their jobs when the lines go down
  • Ensure minimal interruption to critical business operations such as Sales and Debt Collection

Huge STS is installed as a back-up service to standard fixed telephone lines. As soon as you experience degradation of your normal outgoing calls, or lose complete connectivity due to cable theft or exchange outage, simply direct all outgoing calls to the Huge STS service and continue your operations as per normal.
The solution can either be installed and attached directly onto spare ports on the PBX, or installed and simply connected when required.
Data feeds to telephony management systems will continue to run, ensuring your monthly reports remain unaffected; Huge Telecom will supply you with a full itemised bill at the end of the recovery period to assist with call reconciliation.

STS Device
When communication is critical, the STS Device gives companies a stand-alone wireless service which is up and running and can be easily located to affected areas. Ideal situations to deploy this service would be:

  • Communication network failure inside certain parts of your building
  • Moving into new premises and the physical communication lines have not yet been installed / transferred
  • A temporary increase in staff which you need to accommodate with phones, but don't wish to purchase expensive new devices and increase your internal network
  • Hard to reach areas where cabling is unattractive
  • Outlying sites where fixed-line connectivity is unattainable

STS Devices require only power, and access to the wireless networks outside. They can be easily moved around your office as needed and have a standby battery life of almost a week, making them the ideal on-demand communications solution.

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