Voice Consumer SOHO Executive

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Voice Consumer SOHO Executive utilising a Huawei F685 device acts as a regular landline phone but connects calls over 3G instead of a phone jack. Perfect for the family and the company - up to six handsets can be connected to the base station. Full of features.Huawei F685 is a stylish and easy to use DECT phone. Inside the slim shell hide among other SMS function, convenient phonebook and speakerphone. Color display and easily navigated menus are added plus.


  • DECT 1.8GHz
  • Supports the high-quality voice service (FR, HR, EFR or AMR).
  • Supports sending and receiving text short messages. A message can be sent to more than one person at the same time. Supports multiple supplementary services: caller ID display, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, call barring and three-way calling. (depending on the network)
  • The Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) is an ideal wireless terminal for the household and corporation use.

Physical specifications

  • Base dimensions (W × D × H) : 166mm×102mm × 84mm
  • Handset dimensions(W×D×H): 145.5mm × 47.2mm × 15.5mm
  • Weight : About 350g (include the handset battery)


  • USIM card interface standard 6-pin USIM card interface / Data interface MINI USB interface, for the parameter configuration and data service /
  • Power supply interface 1 pin connector Charging reed
  • Indoor antenna interface F685-20:/F685-21:TS-9 indoor antenna interface


  • Operating status indicator One / Battery indicator One / Signal strength indicator One /

Power supply

  • AC 100V-240V / DC 5V/1A /


  • Type NiMH, rechargeable battery Rechargeable, Li-ion Capacity 3.6V, 1000mAh 3.7V,600mAh Typical talk time 3 hours (depending on the network) 12 hours (depending on the network) Typical standby time / 150 hours (depending on the network)


  • Shortcut key (3 keys) power on/off key, registration/paging key, function key (14 keys) up/down/left/right scroll key, OK key, left/right soft key, power on/off key, Send key, hands-free key, Clear key, Mute key, Speed dial key, Intercom key
  • Number key / Number key: (12 keys) 0-9, *, #
  • Backlight / Blue

Display Screen

  • Type / TFT
  • Size / 1.8 inches
  • Resolution / 128×160 dots matrix
  • Color / 65K color
  • Backlight / Provides backlight for the LCD

Voice service

  • Supports the voice service
  • Voice code: Base:FR, HR, EFR or AMR, Handset: G.726
  • Dial the recently dialed number
  • Dial a number from the phone book
  • Dial a number from the message
  • Speed dialing
  • Supports volume adjustment of 5 levels
  • Supports paging function

Call history

  • Missed calls: Up to 20 records
  • Received calls: Up to 20 records
  • Dialed calls: Up to 20 records

Phone book

  • The FWT memory: Up to 1000 contacts
  • The USIM card memory: depend on the USIM card memory
  • Copy records from the FWT to the USIM card or from the USIM card to the FWT
  • Base and handset shared phone book


  • Supports sending and receiving text short message

Ringtone and Prompt

  • Incoming call prompt
  • New message prompt
  • Low battery prompt
  • Alarm prompt
  • Key beep
  • The FWT provides chord ringtones
  • Built-in 10 ringtones
  • Power on/off ringtone

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